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Since the collapse of the Dome on March 15 it has been a rather long process but I am pleased to report the new Dome fabric “skin” is now up and in the air. In addition to ASATI's technological improvements over the past 12 years we have added these new features:

  • The new Dome is 10 feet higher which increases the pitch to aid with snow shedding;
  • We have added a second stronger layer of fabric around the base which took the brunt of the impact of the snow and ice damage;
  • New rollers for improved performance of the cable harness system;
  • We are instituting advanced and improved procedures in the event we do have to remove snow.

We currently are installing the netting around the fields. The running track lines will be repainted and we expect to have the track open by December. We do not have a start date for golf. Please check the Daily Schedule link tab for dates and times.

All of our winter football and soccer leagues will commence in November. Clark Graves and Sean Wisbey currently have the early bird signups for the leagues available at hampshiredome.com. In addition to running the soccer leagues Sean will be here on a fulltime basis working with Clark on the day to day operations of the Dome. 

I will continue to handle field rentals and oversee the strategic direction and overall operations of the Dome. Some new features you will see at some point this winter include a new turf training area in the area to the left of the lobby and expanded food and beverage capabilities including beer and wine and a sports bar look and feel to the front desk area.

We thank you for your patience and your support during this long process. We have been moved by the efforts of those in our community who have helped in any way with this project and for all the words of encouragement and support – you make it all worthwhile.

Tom Sapienza


Contact Tom Sapienza: tsapienza@hampshirehills.com




The Hampshire Dome is an indoor 94,000 square foot arena covered by an air supported roof. The Dome can be used for numerous sports leagues and tournaments as well as special events such as business expos, home and boat shows, concerts, and more.


The Dome's state of the art Field Turf fields are frequently used for soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, softball, field hockey, dodgball, frisbee, rugby, and more. Total field space is 103 yards long by 60 yards wide and can be divided into 3 fields each 180 feet long by 100 feet wide.

Field Rental Rates Vary According To Size and Booking Times. Contact Tom at tsapienza@hampshirehills.com for more information.


The track is an Olympic quality Mondo Super X surface with banked turns. 5 times around is a mile. You can walk, run, rollerblade, wheel and even cycle at select times. The public can purchase usage cards or pay a single one time rate. Click on SCHEDULE link above. Look for OPEN TO ALL to denote track availability.


Driving range open seasonally. Range space is 103 yards long with a 80 foot ceiling height.